Loblaw Companies Limited 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - page 7

Loblaw Companies Limited
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Loblaw is one of the country’s largest
energy users. We have a large fleet
of trucks and we run facilities and
stores in almost every community in
Canada. We annually account for
approximately 1,000,000 tonnes of
corporate CO
e emissions. As such,
we believe we have an obligation
to be part of the solution to the
challenge posed by climate change.
In 2016, we announced a
commitment to reduce our carbon
footprint 20% by 2020 and 30% by
2030 relative to a 2011 baseline.
We have an action plan focused
on energy-efficient stores and
distribution centres, fuel-efficient
transportation, and managing
refrigerant leaks and organic waste
diversion. We intend to deliver
carbon reduction in line with
Canada’s national targets and,
along with other forward-looking
Canadian companies, demonstrate
that these goals can be achieved
without sacrificing economic growth.
As a proud Canadian company, we
want to do our part to build a better
future for all Canadians. We also
firmly believe that in doubling down
on our commitment to reduce
carbon emissions, we can
strengthen our business and lead
the way for other companies to
follow suit.
Our efforts to reduce emissions
have been underway for years. In
2011, we launched a range of
carbon-reducing initiatives, and now
we’re going even further, as that’s
what’s required.
We are happy to report that in 2016
we cut our carbon emissions by 3%
compared to our 2015 results.
The work to reduce emissions
has helped to make us more
efficient and enabled us to reduce
costs and provide better value to
our customers. By accelerating our
efforts, we expect to find more
efficiencies and more savings for
customers, all while making a positive
impact on our shared environment.
Doubling down
on carbon
Climate change cannot be ignored
and the risks of inaction are too
great. Loblaw is proud to do its part
to support a stronger, cleaner
economy that will lead to a better
future for all Canadians.
See our Carbon Reduction
Strategy at
“As a proud Canadian company,
we want to do our part to build
a better future for all Canadians,
in line with our nation’s carbon
reduction targets.”
Sarah Davis
President, Loblaw, and head of
the Carbon Steering Committee
Improve waste
diversion rates to
80% in corporate
stores and to 95% in
distribution centres
Reduce absolute
refrigerant emissions
15% by 2020 and
50% by 2030
Focus Areas
Transportation and logistics
Reduce the intensity of transportation
emissions to 0.087 gCO
Energy efficiency
Reduce emissions associated with
electricity consumption 35% by 2030
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