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Loblaw Companies Limited
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
CSR at Loblaw
Our approach to CSR is driven by our company purpose –
Live Life Well. By sourcing responsibly, respecting the
environment and making a positive difference in our
communities, we aim to be a leader and contributor to a thriving
Canadian society both today and for generations to come.
We prioritize our work within each of
our three CSR pillars based on the
urgency of an issue, its importance
to our customers and Canadians,
its relevance to our business and
the potential for Loblaw to make a
meaningful difference. We create
targets and action plans to focus our
efforts and drive meaningful results.
We publish an annual CSR report
so that customers and partners can
see our progress and hold us
accountable – and to recognize the
great work of our colleagues.
Loblaw Family of Companies
Each of the six complementary and independent businesses that make up
the Loblaw Family of Companies contributes to our CSR performance:
Your Life, Made Easier
We Love Food
Feed Everyone
Reach Tomorrow Together
Essential Style,
Exceptional Value
Making the Everyday
Simple and Better
CSR Pillars
Our CSR actions are focused in three areas where we
believe we can make the biggest difference:
We are committed to reducing
the environmental impact of our
operations. Given our size and
scope, our most significant impacts
occur in waste generation, energy
use, transportation and packaging.
We want our customers to be
confident that the products they buy
from us are safe and responsibly
sourced. For our part, this means
upholding our values in our supply
chain, promoting safe and
sustainable food, and supporting
Canadian suppliers.
It is in our stores that we make our
most visible contributions to the
health and well-being of Canadians
through the products and services
we offer. We also consider it a priority
to give back to the communities in
which our stores operate.
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