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Loblaw Companies Limited
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Message to Stakeholders
For a decade now, Loblaw has maintained many meaningful public commitments
relating to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Annually, we issue this report to share
our progress with you.
This report is both a historical
record and a forward-looking
pledge, not to mention a celebration
of the good and important work
done by so many in our business.
As in past years, we have detailed
both our activities and the metrics
we use to measure our progress in
three priority areas: Environment,
Community and Sourcing. More than
ever, this report provides important
context on why we believe specific
priorities and actions matter to
our customers, colleagues and
business – as well as the world
around us.
Those who have read prior reports
may notice fewer commitments
and targets than in previous years.
This reflects our decision to focus
on larger, more impactful CSR
activities – like our carbon
reduction strategy – which require
time to unfold and to deliver
meaningful results.
Announced in late 2016, our Carbon
Reduction Plan – 30 by 30 – details
the tasks and projects behind our
ambitious pledge to reduce Loblaw’s
carbon footprint 30 per cent by
2030. As one of Canada’s largest
energy users, we understand the
importance and urgency of reducing
our emissions. We continue to work
with governments and experts to
mitigate our waste, fuel consumption
and energy use, and to offer
concrete evidence that companies
can reduce their emissions and grow
their business at the same time.
continued to support charities and
organizations focused on women’s
health through its flagship Run for
WOMEN event; and President’s
Choice Children’s Charity continued
to raise and grant funds for children’s
health, increasingly turning its
support toward childhood hunger.
In partnership with customers and
suppliers, our stores and operating
divisions continue to lead in
communities nationwide. They have
significantly expanded donations of
perishables for food banks and meal
programs, supported neighbourhood
initiatives, and pitched in when
times are toughest. This was best
illustrated by our response to the
Fort McMurray, Alberta disaster in
2016, when we helped raise and
donate nearly $5 million before the
fires were even extinguished.
Finally, with regard to Sourcing,
we became even more thoughtful
about the products we buy and sell.
We advanced efforts to remove
ingredients of concern from food and
household products; we committed
to certifications and labels that allow
customers to buy with knowledge
and confidence; and we increased
our on-the-ground capacity,
assessing the quality and practices
at the facilities that make our goods.
We deepened our engagement in
the Accord on Fire and Building
Safety in Bangladesh and, to
underline our growing transparency,
we will begin publicly posting the
names of factories where we directly
source Joe Fresh apparel and
footwear products.
We aim to be a company that lives
its values every day, moving CSR
measures forward, year after year.
We hope this report will serve as an
example of the value of setting
goals, collaborating with experts,
action planning and reporting
results. As always, we encourage
our colleagues, customers and
stakeholders to use this report as an
opportunity to reflect on our efforts
and share their feedback.
Galen G. Weston
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
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