Loblaw Companies Limited 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - page 25

Loblaw Companies Limited
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
CSR Governance
We believe that our values and those
of our customers should be reflected
in the Way We Do Business.
Responsibility for performance starts
at the top. Our Board of Directors
sets the tone for a culture of integrity,
respect and accountability. As
part of its fiduciary responsibility,
the Board oversees the company’s
management of social and
environmental issues and
Colleague Code
of Conduct
reflects our
shared values and commitment to
high standards of business conduct.
The Code explains to colleagues
what it means to represent Loblaw
Companies Limited, our stores and
our brands, and how to behave in
this capacity.
All colleagues must review,
understand and abide by the Code,
as well as the supporting policies
and procedures.
Supplier Code
of Conduct
Our suppliers are our partners in
serving customers and we expect
them to uphold the same values
and principles that we do. The
Supplier Code of Conduct sets our
minimum standards for them.
Core Values
Our CORE values reflect what’s important to our organization and guide our behaviours.
Improving the well-being of all Canadians
Approaching every day with personal accountability and commitment
Acting with integrity, respect and openness every day
Leading through innovation and superior performance
Learn more about our
Supplier Code of Conduct
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