Loblaw Companies Limited 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - page 19

Loblaw Companies Limited
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Volunteer Grant Program
In spite of busy career and family
lives, our colleagues, and
franchisees and their employees,
give their time, talent and resources
to charities and non-profit
organizations in their communities.
We applaud their work and, through
the Volunteer Grant Program,
donate up to $500 to organizations
where they volunteer at least
40 hours a year.
Our People and
Culture Matter
As one of the nation’s largest
employers, we understand the value
of our people and commit to making
the experience of working at Loblaw
a good one.
For the past three years, we’ve
been focused on shaping the
culture in our stores, distribution
centres and offices. We believe that
our behaviours and interactions
affect how we serve our customers
and our goal is to be better as
individuals, as teams and as an
organization. Through a variety of
programs, our people are inspired
to engage in a desired culture – one
where they can be authentic, build
trust and make connections.
Here’s a snapshot of what we’re
doing and what we achieved
in 2016:
A two-day culture-shaping
workshop was developed to drive
culture deeper into the
organization by building
awareness of personal habits and
providing culture tools. More than
5,500 participated in 2016 and
many more will participate over
the next two years.
We’ve embedded culture
concepts in our people programs,
such as recognition and
performance development, and
practices like store walks
and meetings.
Through a series of action-
oriented workshops and one-on-
one interviews, our senior leaders
are engaged in creating a more
gender intelligent organization.
Department-specific sessions will
start in the coming year.
Women@Loblaw introduced a
new program, “Reel
Conversations”, which brings
interested colleagues together to
watch and discuss videos on
wide-ranging topics.
Our LGBTAQ employee resource
group led celebrations of
Canada’s first-ever Pride Month.
Pride flags were raised and
colleagues organized fun events
in stores, distribution centres
and offices.
Scores on our annual “Tell It As It Is”
engagement survey are an
important measure of our success.
That’s why we were so pleased to
see that our overall engagement
score increased by 3% from 2015.
A total of 78% of colleagues said
they would recommend Loblaw as a
great place to work, exceeding the
retail benchmark average by 9%,
and 89% felt that the company
makes it easy for people from
diverse backgrounds to fit in and be
accepted, surpassing the retail
benchmark average by 10%.
We increased company-wide engagement scores by 3%
relative to 2015.
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