Loblaw Companies Limited 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - page 18

Loblaw Companies Limited
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Quality Food Choices
As a food retailer, we continuously
look for new forward-looking food
trends and products to ensure we’re
keeping up with customer needs
and expectations.
With this in mind, we launched
33 new PC Organics products in
2016, including produce, baby
products and Natural Value
products like PC Organics Kefir and
PC Organics Hummus. PC Organics
brand and the Canada Organic
logo signify that our products have
been processed according to the
principles of organic agriculture
and production, which emphasize
sustainability and a natural
approach to weed, pest and
disease control, and prohibit the
use of genetically engineered
products and materials.
With our line of PC Free From
products, and the help of dedicated
farmers, we offer meats raised
without the use of antibiotics or
hormones* – including more than
100 chicken, pork, beef, turkey and
lamb products. All PC Free From
animals are fed a diet designed to
provide optimal animal health
and nutrition.
We offer a wide range of gluten-
free, peanut-free and lactose-free
products that meet the dietary
restrictions and preferences of
many Canadians. We launched a
line of gluten-free products under
the President’s Choice brand in 2012
and currently offer 45 products
across bakery and grocery
categories. Great taste is a priority –
and we do everything possible to
enable gluten-free consumers to
enjoy the same food experiences
and trends as others.
* In Canada, all pork, poultry and lamb is raised without the use of added hormones.
Our line of no name Naturally Imperfect fruits
and vegetables offers shoppers undersized or
misshapen produce at lower prices. Consumers
responded positively, prompting us to add
7 new products in 2016
Healthy Eating
Made Easy
Guiding Stars
is an easy to use
nutritional rating system that helps
customers identify nutritious food
throughout our stores. More than
56,000 products have been rated
through the system with up to three
stars based on the product’s
nutritional value, and the rating is
prominently displayed on our
grocery shelf labels. Internal data
indicates that 29% of Loblaw
customers who are aware of the
program use it most or all of the
time while grocery shopping.
In 2016, we introduced the Guiding
Stars Nutrition Fact Finder on
banner store websites, which
makes it easier for customers, the
general public and health
professionals to understand how
products get their Guiding Stars
ratings. The Fact Finder also
provides ingredients and nutritional
information for most food items.
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