Loblaw Companies Limited 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - page 17

Loblaw Companies Limited
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
$5 Million for
Disaster Relief
The outpouring of support from
Loblaw customers and colleagues,
franchisees and their employees,
Associate-owners and their teams
following the Fort McMurray, Alberta
wildfires resulted in our largest ever
fundraising campaign – collecting
and donating almost $5 million to
the Canadian Red Cross to assist
affected residents.
The donation was a combination
of efforts across our business:
$280,000 worth of essential food
and health provisions given to
evacuation centres and first
More than $4.3 million in cash
donations collected at Loblaw
grocery stores and Shoppers
Drug Mart/Pharmaprix stores
77.5 million Shoppers Optimum
points donated
47,000 Joe Fresh clothing items
provided for displaced residents
Corporate donation of $100,000
to the Canadian Red Cross for the
immediate needs of evacuees
Contributed $65 million
to charities and non-profit organizations across Canada
with the help of our customers, colleagues, business
partners, and franchisees and their employees.
Accessible Health Care
at a Pharmacy Near You
Provincial governments and patients
are increasingly recognizing the
important role pharmacists can play
in delivering convenient pharmacy
services that can help reduce the
strain on our health care system.
Take, for example, the role
pharmacists play in medication
reviews. As our population ages,
medications often become a major
component in managing chronic
conditions. During a medication
review, Loblaw and Shoppers Drug
Mart pharmacists review and assess
all the medications a patient is
taking to help ensure they’re using
them safely and appropriately. They
also check for, and assist with, any
concerns such as side-effects or
interactions with over-the-counter
medication, and often provide
recommendations to physicians.
Expanding pharmacists’ scope of
practice to include immunizations
has improved vaccination rates
across Canada. In provinces where
they are permitted to do so,
pharmacists provided flu, shingles,
whooping cough and tetanus
vaccines, as well as travel
vaccinations such as typhoid and
hepatitis A and B.
In many provinces, pharmacists are
permitted to assess and prescribe
medication for minor ailments like
seasonal allergies, acne or eczema.
In a survey of patients who
completed a minor ailment
assessment with a pharmacist, 76%
indicated that were it not for their
pharmacist’s ability to help them,
they would have gone to their family
doctor, a walk-in clinic or a hospital
emergency room – at a much higher
cost to the health care system – and
it would have taken longer to get
the care they needed.
1. Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, Sustainable Solutions Report: Pharmacist Interventions in Minor
Ailments, June 2016.
Loblaw and Shoppers Drug Mart
pharmacists administered
1.1 million flu shots
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