Loblaw Companies Limited 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - page 16

Loblaw Companies Limited
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Health First
The health of women and children
is a major focus of our community
giving efforts.
One of the programs we were most
proud of was partnering with the
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
(now the Canadian Cancer Society)
as sponsors of the BC Cancer
Agency’s mobile mammography
service, which conducted
mobile breast cancer screening
mammograms for 19,815 women
in British Columbia. On average,
five cancers are detected for
every 1,000 women screened.
Jodie, a cosmetics manager at one
of our Shoppers Drug Mart locations,
was one of these women. We
worked with Jodie to share her story
of how her mammogram screening
saved her life.
Run for WOMEN event was held in
15 cities across Canada, with
close to 15,000 participants raising
funds and awareness for women’s
mental health.
Learn more about Jodie’s story on
Helping kids do
President’s Choice Children’s Charity
(PCCC) granted $15.3 million to
children’s nutrition programs and
families of children with disabilities
for essential therapies and
specialized equipment, bringing
the total to more than $146 million
since 1989.
From breakfast and snack
programs, to teaching kids about
healthy eating, to funding kitchen
improvements in youth centres,
PCCC granted more than
$6.1 million toward hunger and
nutrition in 2016. The Charity also
initiated funding for a new program
designed to close the significant
achievement gap among low-
income youth, providing nutritious
lunches and programming over
the summer months, when regular
school breakfast and lunch
programs are unavailable.
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