Loblaw Companies Limited 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - page 13

Loblaw Companies Limited
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Protection for Vulnerable
Dairy Cows
In partnership with Dr. David
Fraser, a renowned Canadian
expert and Loblaw’s scientific
advisor on animal welfare, we’ve
established a multi-year research
grant to assess best practices for
handling vulnerable cull dairy
cows – those removed from the
herd due to age or health
concerns. The issue has been
identified as a priority for research
and action by the National Farmed
Animal Health and Welfare Council
(NFAHWC) and the dairy sector.
With the support of Dairy Farmers
of Canada, NFAHWC convened an
expert consultation in Ottawa in
2016 to clarify concerns and
management options. Chaired
by Dr. Fraser, with funding from
Loblaw, the event brought together
participants involved in different
aspects of the management of cull
dairy cows from across the country.
Based on their recommendations
and further stakeholder consultation,
NFAHWC is developing an action
plan that will be released in 2017.
Commitment to
Animal Welfare
Our customers expect that the
products we sell are safe, of high
quality, responsibly sourced and
produced in a humane way.
By working with industry partners,
animal welfare experts and
producers, we aim to achieve the
best possible outcomes. Loblaw is
an associate member of the
National Farm Animal Care Council
and supports the on-farm animal
Codes of Practice as a credible,
robust and science-based process
for addressing farm animal welfare.
We continue to advance our efforts
in farm animal welfare and, over
the past several years, have made
commitments in the areas of group
housing practices for sows and
veal cattle.
Animal Welfare Commitment
Learn more about our Animal Welfare Principles and view
our animal welfare video at
In 2016, we joined several grocery
members of the Retail Council of
Canada to announce a
to transition all shell eggs to cage-
free by the end of 2025. Today, our
PC and PC Organics shell eggs are
already sourced from laying hens
raised in free-run and free-range
environments, respectively. We
began transitioning our PC Blue
Menu Omega-3 Brown shell eggs
to free-run in 2015.
Our selection
of control brand cage-free shell eggs*:
PC Free-Run Eggs
PC Organics Free-Range Eggs
PC Blue Menu Omega-3 Free-Run Brown Eggs
* Available in different sizes.
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