Loblaw Companies Limited 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - page 12

Loblaw Companies Limited
2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
A Shared Journey
to Sustainable Beef
Canadians continue to enjoy
beef – and Canadian beef is
especially popular. As one of the
largest buyers and sellers of beef in
the country, Loblaw has a strong
interest in supporting and
advancing sustainability efforts in
the Canadian beef industry.
We understand that beef production
contributes to environmental
concerns such as greenhouse gas
(GHG) emissions and a greater
water footprint relative to other
livestock. We also know that beef
production done well can contribute
to a sustainable agriculture system;
for example, by enhancing
biodiversity within the agricultural
landscape through the preservation
of grasslands. Along with other
stakeholders in the beef value
chain, we are committed to
continually improving the industry’s
environmental and social
performance. That’s why we’re
actively involved in Canadian
Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
(CRSB) committees, determining
how beef operations should be
measured for sustainability
and compliance.
Loblaw was a founding member
of the CRSB steering committee.
In this role, we were proud to
contribute to two milestones
achieved in the past year:
Loblaw helped fund the first
national supply chain–wide beef
sustainability assessment, which
benchmarked the environmental,
social and economic
performance of the Canadian
beef industry. The results,
released in October 2016,
reflected favourably on the
industry and helped establish a
strategy to
We participated in a verified
sustainable beef pilot creating
sustainability indicators and a
verification process for Canadian
beef production. Completed in
June 2016, the pilot put the
Canadian beef industry at the
forefront of global beef production
as one of the first verifiable
sustainable beef programs in
the world.
Both of these projects are helping
to create a long-term, national
sustainable beef production
program. What’s especially
significant about CRSB is that the
group and its initiatives bring
together Canadian producers,
processors, retail and food service
providers, non-governmental
organizations, academia, and food
and agriculture businesses. It’s a
truly multi-stakeholder effort.
For more information,
visit the CRSB website
Tracing Beef Back to
the Ranch
Increasingly, customers want to
know where their beef is sourced
from – right down to the ranch
where it was produced. For some,
this provides assurance of quality.
For others, it’s an indicator that an
animal was treated humanely.
Loblaw has set a goal of tracing
Canadian beef back to the animal’s
birthing ranch. So far, we’ve been
able to establish a tracking
mechanism for Loblaw Canada
AAA beef, Loblaw Canadian ground
beef, President’s Choice Certified
Angus beef and Ontario Corn Fed
Beef back to the regional family
farm/feedlot where the animals were
raised. We aim to extend this
traceability back to the birth farm.
UTZ Certification Makes Cocoa
Extra Good
As a company that sources products from around the
world, we care about our impact on the people and
regions that produce them. Inefficient cocoa farming
techniques have led to environmental concerns.
That’s why we support the UTZ sustainability program,
which enables farmers to learn better farming methods,
improve working conditions, and take better care of
the planet. Our President’s Choice Gold Bar line of
chocolate was the first of our cocoa-based products
to support UTZ certified cocoa. This past year, we
added 10 more control brand products, including
President’s Choice chocolate hazelnut spreads and
PC Organics Mint Chocolate and European Dark
Chocolate bars. Each of the products bears the
UTZ certified logo.
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